Are you interested in a branded DrumGrill?


Showcasing your company with a branded DrumGrill

Great quality and competitive price combined with custom branding

Our barrel grills are the perfect way to get your brand into the public eye. Their rugged good looks and durability make our DrumGrills ideal for a marketing campaign, a giveaway or for use as promotional item for your brand at trade fairs, outdoor festivals, hotels, bars, and beach clubs. Our DrumGrill units are specially designed so that we can offer customization at a competitive price and a wide selection of branding options. You can request anything from a simple logo sticker on our basic black drum to a custom colour or even an all-over design. DrumGrill is ready to take on any challenge! Why put your brand on our product? Our grills are well made, tough and attractive; they’re also very versatile. The DrumGrill can also be used as a fire pit, a side table, or an in-store display unit. And, those are just a few of the possibilities. Wouldn’t your brand look great on this high-quality grill? Keep reading to learn about the advantages DrumGrill has to offer, the available sizes and accessories, as well as to discover all of your customization options.

What advantages does a branded DrumGrill offer?

Does your company aim to improve brand awareness? So are many of our customers, even the big names like Honda, Corona, Milwaukee power tools, and Jameson Irish Whiskey. Our custom branded BBQ grills have been used for POS and in-store displays as well as featured in special give-aways and promotions. Bars, hotels and beach clubs have all been decorated with branded DrumGrills. Want to give that special touch to outdoor venues and public events, our drum grill can also be converted into a fire pit. With all of these options and advantages, why not increase awareness of your brand with a customized DrumGrill.

How big is the DrumGrill and what accessories does it come with?

Our customizable DrumGrill units are available in three different sizes. Want to make a big impact? The large version is just right for use as a grill, a side table, or a POS display, for example. It’s 87cm (34.8 in) high, putting it right at waist level, while the ample 57cm (22.8 in) diameter ensures that you have substantial surface area. Then there’s the DrumGrill Medium—perfect for showcasing your brand in a bar, hotel or beach club seating area—it has all of the same features as the large but, at 82cm (33 in) tall and 46cm (18 inch) in diameter—it’s just the right size when you’re dealing with limited space. Looking for something really portable? The DrumGrill Small is a genuine space-saver, and, with a height of 58cm (22.8 in) and a diameter of 40cm (16 in), it can travel with you, be grouped to create a truly eye-catching trade show or in-store display, as well as making a fantastic prize for a promotional giveaway!

All of our DrumGrill models come with a chromed steel grill and a fire basket made of heavy-duty perforated steel, a lid and a clamp that converts the BBQ drum into an attractive side table. Large, medium or small, United Barrel Grills offers you a top-quality, eye-catching product that’s sure to capture the public’s attention.

What are my customization options?

The possibilities are endless! Design your own branded DrumGrill, making it completely unique with any text, image, logo, brand or even a slogan for a special event. Our solutions range from an attractive sticker with your brand logo, to a custom colour, to an all-over design using any combination of colours you select from the RAL range. We also offer flexibility when it comes to quantity. We’ve created unique one-off barrels as well as producing thousands of units for worldwide distribution. Do you still have questions or would you like to find out more about your options? Please contact us any time! We look forward to working together with you to find the solution you’ve been looking for.

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