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BarrelQ’s custom branded BBQs

Custom colours, custom logos, and much more

Are you looking for a custom branded BBQ? At BarrelQ no request is too outlandish! We offer an amazing selection of custom colours, made-to-order logo stickers, all-over personalized paint jobs, and much more. There are many reasons why you would want to put your brand on a BarrelQ barbecue. First of all, it’s a top-quality product, known for it’s rugged durability. Secondly, it’s a truly multifunctional BBQ. It can also be used as a fire pit, a side table, a POS display and that’s not all. Wouldn’t you like to see your brand on this fantastic barrel grill? Keep reading to find out why you should invest in a branded BBQ, what features the BarrelQ offers and all about our customization options.

Why invest in a branded BBQ?

Brand recognition is something that even the biggest companies are working to improve. How about yours? What could be more eye-catching than a cool, tough-looking BarrelQ featuring your company’s logo or in your signature colours? We’ve produced custom BBQs for major brands like Heinz, Stanley, Coca-Cola and Havana Club. We even made a special edition to help TNT Express Shipping celebrate their 70th anniversary. Custom branded BarrelQs have been used for give-aways and promotions as well as for POS displays. They’ve even been custom produced for use as side tables to decorate bars, hotels, and beach clubs. Use them as fire pits to lend that special touch to outdoor settings and public events. All of these are great reasons to invest in a custom BBQ to increase your brand recognition.

What features does a BarrelQ offer?

The BarrelQ is truly special, and it’s not just about the sturdy steel drum that’s solid as a rock. It also comes with a fire basket made of heavy-duty perforated steel and a grill that can be used in two different positions. When you’re done grilling, just remove the grill, and throw on a few logs to turn this BBQ drum into an inviting fire pit. BarrelQ also comes with a lid and a clamp that converts the BBQ drum into an attractive side table. This high-quality product offers a perfect way to showcase your brand to the public.

The Custom BarrelQ also comes in two different sizes. The Big BarrelQ is 87cm (34.25 in) high allowing for comfortable, waist-level grilling; while the impressive 57cm (22.4 in) diameter is plenty of room to cook meat and vegetables at the same. The Big BarrelQ is also the perfect size to use for a side table at a beach bar or club as well as making a fantastic POS display. Looking for something a little lighter that’s just right for low seating on a patio or to take with you on to your next trade show? Check out the Custom BarrelQ Small! It has all of the same great features and accessories as the BarrelQ Big but it’s a convenient 58cm (22.8 inches) tall with a generous 40cm (16 in) diameter. This super-portable version fits in anywhere and also features carrying handles on the sides so that you can take it wherever your fancy takes you!

How custom is custom?

At BarrelQ the sky is the limit! You can design your own BarrelQ, making it completely unique with your company’s logo, your brand or company name, or even a slogan for a special event. We offer solutions as simple as a sticker or as complex as an all-over design using any RAL colours you’d like. The possibilities are endless! A branded BBQ is an excellent prize for a giveaway, great advertising at a trade fair stand or any outdoors venue, such as a summer festival, a bar, or a beach club. Of course it also lends a unique touch as a POS display or when celebrating company milestones. Want to know more? Feel free to contact us any time! We’re looking forward to talking with you about the customized solutions we have on offer.

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