BarrelQ and the Jupiler Barrel BBQ


BarrelQ’s custom branded BBQ for Jupiler

Two great companies working together

When Belgium’s most popular beer brand, Jupiler, was looking for a custom branded BBQ, they turned to BarrelQ. They knew that we were able to offer a broad selection of custom colours, made-to-order logo stickers, all-over personalised paint jobs, and much more. After we delivered their first order of 300 black BarrelQ barbecues in 2014, Jupiler was so pleased with them that in 2015 they made the largest custom order in BarrelQ’s history: more than 2200 branded barrels. This time they chose to have them made in Jupiler’s signature red, emblazoned with the company logo. There are lot of reasons why this well-known brand wanted to put their logo on one of our high-quality BBQ grills. Keep reading to find out more about the Jupiler brand, why they chose BarrelQ, how the Jupiler Barrel BBQ was used as a marketing tool, and how our company produced a great solution.

About the Jupiler brand

Even the biggest companies care about brand recognition, and Jupiler is one of them. This well-known beer brand was created in 1966 and named for the town where it all started: Jupille-sur-Meuse, where the lager is still brewed at the Piedboeuf Brewery. Over time the brand became Belgium’s top-selling beer and it is now part of the trans-national Anheuser–Busch InBev group. So, when this already popular brand decided to do a promotion, why did they choose BarrelQ? Well…think about it, what could be more eye-catching than a cool, tough-looking BarrelQ featuring the company’s logo in its signature colours? Besides, what two great tastes make the perfect pair? Beer and BBQ!

Using the Jupiler Barrel BBQ as a marketing tool

It’s easy to understand why Jupiler chose BarrelQ, and it’s not just about the sturdy steel drum that’s solid as a rock. Our barrel BBQ is also incredibly versatile! It comes equipped with a fire basket made of heavy-duty perforated steel and a grill that can be used in two different positions. Finished grilling and ready to start chilling? Just remove the grill, and throw a few logs into the fire basket to turn this BBQ drum into an inviting fire pit. Not grilling this evening? No problem! BarrelQ comes with a lid and a clamp that converts the BBQ drum into an attractive side table. Want to make sure your drum grill is fully protected? You’re in luck, the BarrelQ set also comes with a cover to keep it looking its best.

This high-quality product offered a perfect way to showcase the Jupiler brand to the public.

Belgium’s number one beer brand has used their BarrelQs in various ways as a promotional tool. For example, at two large supermarket chains—Jumbo and Albert Heijn in the Netherlands—the company sponsored a giveaway where customers who bought a case of Jupiler were entered to win a Jupiler-branded BarrelQ. Because the company also sponsors various festivals both in Belgium and abroad, special versions of the BarrelQ were signed by famous DJs and raffled via Social Media while, of course, the Jupiler Barrel BBQ was also displayed at various festivals such as Loveland, Dutch Valley, and Awakenings.

Manufacturing a custom solution

Jupiler knew what we could do at BarrelQ, but 2200 custom-branded BBQs is still a tall order! Production started in March of 2015 and the BarrelQs were delivered to Jupiler in lots of 600 until the full order was completed. The high quality standard of a brand like Jupiler ensured that BarrelQ had to maintain a tight production and delivery schedule. They were satisfied with our quality and we were proud that the BarrelQ team demonstrated the capacity of our super-fast production facility to deliver high volume, high-quality, custom products on time.

We offer solutions as simple as an attractive sticker or as complex as an all-over design using any RAL colours you’d like. Want to follow in Jupiler’s footsteps? Contact us and discover the range of customised solutions we have on offer.

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